If you order Outdoor Protection, it will be applied to your wooden sign so you don't have to :)

Polyurethane makes wood water-resistant. Polyurethane gives hardwood its protection. It repels water and prevents water absorption, but it never fully blocks it so it will never make it 100% waterproof. Polyurethane also protects wood from scratches and discoloration.

Not only will polyurethane protect your wood from the sun, but it will also bring out your wood's natural beauty.

We've added outdoor protection to our signs to boost their durability. But keep in mind, since they're made of natural wood, they're not fully resistant to rain. For the best care, we recommend positioning the wooden sign under the awning area.

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Every single sign that you order, will be handmade and shipped for an average of 2-3 days after your purchase.

DHL Express Shipping can range from 3-4 days.Total 3-5 days to your door.

DHL Free Shipping can range from 7 - 12 days to your door.

Packaging:In order to prevent potential damage in transit, we pack each item very carefully using stretch foil, bubble wrap or polyethylene foam roll, cardboard protection at all sharp corners and custom made cardboard boxes.

If you dream it, we can make it email us on support@craftmysign.com or send as a message on our live-chat with what you have in mind, a sketch, sizing, colors, etc and we'll help bring it to life.

Our sings came hanging hardware. You just need a small nail or two (the same size you would use to hang a picture frame) to hang your sign.

You know exactly what you are getting after your purchase.

Right after your purchase we will send you a digital design as a preview within 12h.

This is just for your to preview how your chosen design will look like with your personalization.



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